Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not for assessment, but...

I tested a few apps from my list below that are not related to assessment or scoring per se, but that can be useful. Dragon Dictate: This app is useful for email, it's free and relatively accurate. Simply dictate and email yourself the text. Unfortunately, there is no toolbar integrated with text editors. It also requires requires an internet connection (likely for streaming ads, but also to analyze the speech).  Overall, I only see this app getting better. It also works better when "Detect end-of-Speech" is turned off. Google Maps: Ever just wanted step by step directions to get somewhere? This pre-installed app requires an internet connection to find your destination, but once you are set to go you can access the information offline. This is awesome when you need to find your way around a city using public transportation (gives you bus and subway times in most major cities). Magellan GPS: This is a great app that works without wifi or 3g at least on my IPhone 3g (connects to satellites). This thing is really cool. Costs range from 34.99 to 59.99 depending on the maps you get. It gets you to your appointments really well. Talkatone: Great app if you want to save on phone calls. This service goes through Google and it offers free call to North America. You must get your free Google Voice number (US only).

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