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Disclaimer: This list was first created in December of 2010. It was later published on this blog at the beginning of 2011. You may share this list with others and provide a link to this blog. It's a work in progress (and probably always will be). We list apps that appear promising, but please do not assume that the apps we list are "good or appropriate" apps. A big part of what we do here is review apps, but as you can imagine, it's a time consuming process. We do not get financial compensation for our work. We are full time psychologists who review apps in our spare time. We see the potiential of mobile technologies and mobile health and use apps in our respective practice.  At the moment, our work is meant to be an up to date reference on available apps that a psychologist can use in his or her practice.  Please visit it our blog frequently or subscribe to our email distribution list to get new updates.   This is a not-for-profit initiative. 

Updated February 2012
Mood, aggression, anxiety:

Mood, aggression, anxiety:

Sleep, Pain & Relaxation:
    • Healing Hypnosis by Darren Marks $2.99 [link]
    • Migraine i-pocketcards by Börm Bruckmeier Pub. $2.99 [link]
    • Pain Management i-pocketcards by Börm Bruckmeier Pub. $2.99 [link]
    • Sleep (relaxation) by Red Hammer Soft. $.99 [link]
    • pzizz sleep by pzizz technology $5.99 [link]
    • Relax with Andrew Johnson by Michael Schneider $2.99 [link]
    • Understand Sleep by IPhoneHub $.99 [link]


Eating disorders & weight management:
    • iCounselor: Eating Disorder $.99  [link
    • BMI Calculator (NHLBI) - FREE [link]
    • Lose Weight with Andrew Johnson by Mychael Schneider $2.99 [link]

Relationships & social interactions:
    • The Questions: A tool for insight into your relationships $3.99 [link] - FREE lite [link] view Dr. Martindale's site [link]
    • Better Thinking and Better Living by Creative Brains - FREE [link]
    • Social and Relationship Assessments by Darren Gates - $.99 [link]

Substance abuse:
    • 12 Steps AA companion - Alcoholics Anonymous $2.99 [link]
    • 12-Step by Michael Quach - FREE [link]
    • Ican Stop Drinking by Ican Hypnosis $3.99 [link]
    • iAlcohol by Macsoftex  (calculator to measure alchohol in blood) - FREE - [link]

Attention & Memory:
    • Memory $.99 [link]
    • Memory Practice by Europa Pictures $4.99 [link]
    • It's Done by A.J. Lester & Associates, Inc. $2.99 [link]

Language & communication:
    • Apraxia Picture Sound Cards APSC Pro by Foundations Developmental House - $299.99 [link]
    • Apraxia Picture Sound Cards APSC by Foundations Developmental House - $179.99 [link]
    • Hand Cue Sound Match HCSM by Foundations Developmental House - $29.99 [link]
    • Syllable Counting SC by Foundations Developmental House - $29.99 [link]
    • Target Sound ID by Foundations Developmental House - $29.99 [link]
    • Sound Matching SM by Foundations Developmental House - $29.99 [link]
    • Auditory Rhyming AR by Foundations Developmental House - $29.99 [link]
    • SmallTalk Conversational Phrases by Lingraphica - FREE [link] [Review]
    • SmallTalk Daily Activities by Lingraphica - FREE [link] [Review]
    • SmallTalk Aphasia by Lingraphica - FREE [link] [Review]
    • SmallTalk Intensive Care by Lingraphica - FREE [link] [Review]
    • SmallTalk Pain Scale by Lingraphica - FREE [link] [Review]
    • SmallTalk Dysgraphia by Lingraphica - FREE [link] [Review]
    • MyTalkTools Mobile $39.99 (AAC) [link]  
    • Speak it! $1.99 [link]  
    • Expressive by Smarty Ears, helping children with Special Needs $34.99 [link]    
    • Proloquo2Go $189.99 (text to speech) [link]
    • Adult Dyslexia $.99 [link]
    • Dragon (voice to text) - free, but required internet connection [link]

EDUCATIONAL APPS (About specific disorders)

Medical & Psychiatry:
    • Schizophrenia Psychopharmacology by SoftPsych - $19.99 [link]
    • Anxiety Psychopharmacology by SoftPsych $19.99 [link]
    • Depression Psychopharmacology by SoftPsych $19.99 [link]
    • ADHD Psychopharmacology by SoftPsych $19.99 [link]
    • Downs Syndrome By Deep Powder Software $.99 [link]
    • Learning Disability by Joviant Technologies $.99 [link]
    • Tourettes Syndrome Guide - $.99 [link]
    • Autism – FREE [link]
    • Genetics & Birth Defects – FREE [link]
    • Multiple Sclerosis i-pocketcards by Borm Bruckmeier Publishing $3.99 [link]
    • Neurology Disorders by Deep Powder Software - $.99 [link]
    • Stroke Essentials wrote by Dr. Goldzmidt MD published by USMMIS $24.99 [link]
    • Brain Tumor 3D – FREE [link]
    • Brain Disease St by elmaumito $.99 [link]
    • PTSD by Deep Powder Software $.99 [link]
    • PocketyShrink Narcissistic Personality Disorder by PocketShrink $.99 [link]

    • PAR Assessment toolkit 2.0 & scoring programs [link]
    • School Psychology Tools by YoungStone Innovations LLC - $34.99 [link]
    • Psych Help - FREE [link] - find a therapist near you.
    • DSM-IV-TR - $46.99  [link]
    • ICD-9 LITE –FREE [link]; ICD-9-CM - $.99 [link]; ICD-9 Medical – $3.99 [link]
    • ICD-10 (codes) - $24.99 [link]; ICD-10 (codes) - $4.99 [link]
    • Doctot depression (Questionnaires /scoring of HDRS, MSRS, HAMD-7, CGI, HAM-A) [link
    • Substance Abuse Assessment - $.99 [link]
    • Rorschach (images only) [link
    • Personal Psychology Tests - $.99 [link
    • iNkblots (Cornell Hattington) - $.99 [link]
    • Personality Types - $2.99 [link]
    • Personal Psychology Tests (Darren Gates) - $.99 [link]
    • IQ test (Max Voloshin) - $.99 [link]
    • Mental Health Assessment by Darren Gates - $.99 [link]
    • Psychiatry on Call 2011 by Current Clinical Strategies Publishing $4.99 [link]
    • Depression Test & Tracker by Soneso $1.99 [link]
    • Empathy Test by Ipazia Software $1.99 [link]
    • Viary by H0a's Tool Shop (behavior modification) (30 day trial) [link]

    • CVA (Strokei-pocketcards) $ 3.99 [link]
    • PAR: The Concussion Recognition & Response App - $3.99 [link]
    • STAT NIH Stroke Scale – FREE [link]   
    • Stroke Track – FREE [link]  
    • Glasgow Coma Scale [link]
    • Stroke by Doctot (includes NIHSS, CHADS 2, Barthel ADL, mRS, POS, OCSP) $1.99 [link]
    • Simply APGAR by Small Systems Software Development $1.99 [link]
    • H&P (history and physical)  [link]  
    • 3D Brain (animated brain)   [link]   
    • Ipocrates (Medical app) [link]   
    • Differentials (medical) [link]    
    • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine (OHCM8) [link]   
    • Advance clinical advisor [link]
    • Reflexes R1 by Gianluca Natalini - NGCYBIT Robotics $.99 [link]
    • The Concise Cognitive Screening Exam By Central Florida Psychological Consultants $.99 [link]
    • Pearson Nurse's Drug Guide 2012 by Medical Wizards Corp. $49.99 [link]
    • iMeds (drug book) by FDAble LCC. $.99 [link]
    • Drug Guide by Advanced Software Development $9.99 [link]
    • Drug Guide for Healthcare Professionals by $39.99 [link]

Useful tools:

    • Papers (i.e. Pubmed)- $14.99 [link]
    • QuickReader (pdf reader) [link]
    • APA journal – FREE [link
    • CITEpsych (Play Technologies) - $2.99 [link]
    • Statistics - Oxford Dictionary (Handmark) - $14.99 [link]
    • PubMed Library by Juan Garcia - $9.99 [link]
    • PubMed CLIP by Groupnet Corporation $2.99 [link]

Professional exam preparation:
    • EPPP (study cards) $29.99 [link] - also sold as separate modules 
    • EPPP lite -FREE [link]  
    • EPPP (Exam Prep -Psych Board) $.6.99 [link
    • EPPP (Practice tests) $9.99 [link
    • AP Psych (study cards) $9.99 [link
    • Psychology (study sets) - FREE [link]  
    • EPPP Exam Prep - Psych Boards (Upward Mobility) $6.99 [link
    • CLEP Psychology Exam Prep (Upward Mobility) $5.99 [link]  
    • AP Psycholgy Exam Prep/review (Upward Mobility) - $4.99 [link]  
    • School Psychology Exam Pro (Licensure Exams) - $12.99 [link]

Educational materials:
    • Psych Drugs (common drugs) [link]   
    • 500+ phobia – FREE [link
    • Mental Illness (mini encyclopedia) [link
    • UMMS medical info  [link]   
    • Psychology Encyclopedia -$.99 [link
    • Psychology Terminology (Simple Tree) $.99 [link]  
    • Psychology Terminology (Brighthouse labs) - $4.99 [link
    • Forensic Psychology Study Guide (Brighthouse labs) - $4.99 [link
    • Cognitive Psychology Study Guide (Brighthouse labs) - $4.99 [link
    • Evolutionary Psychology Study Guide (Brighthouse labs) - $4.99 [link]
    • Health Psychology Study Guide (Brighthouse labs) - $4.99 [link
    • Developmental Psychology Study Guide - $4.99 [link]  
    • Psychology Dictionary - $1.99 [link]   
    • PsychExplorer by The Psych Files- $2.99 [link
    • Britanica 2010 concise - $19.99 [link]
    • PsychMe-Psychometric Tests (mindwarrior) $2.99 [link
    • Brain and Nervous System Drugs by DryPaint $2.99 [link]
    • Neuro Primer by PVIMaine - $9.99 [link]
    • World of human brain, by APPLIYA $1.99 [link]
    • CNSAlmanac by doctor_alex $19.99 [link]
    • Neurology i-pocketcards by Borm Bruckmeier Publishing $3.99 [link]
    • Stroke and Hemorrhage by simpaddico $2.99 [link]
    • Psychology St by PPnavasUS001 $.99 [link]
    • CNS Anatomy by RapidStar $2.99 [link]
    • Psych 101 - by $9.99 [link]
    • Speech Pathology by Deep Powder Software $1.99 [link]
    • Personality Disoders by Stroika $4.99 [link]
    • BrainNmonX by the Psych Files $2.99 [link]
    • iTunes U (free university lectures) - Free [link]

    • Voice Actions by Pannous - $4.99 [link] [review]
    • Talkatone  (free 2012 calls to US/Canada with Google - USA) [link]   
    • NetTALK (make free calls to North America) by - FREE [link
    • Bria (SIP client for VOIP call) by Counterpath Corp. - $7.99 [link]
    • Text+ (free texting number) by GogII- FREE [link]
    • Skype by S.a.r.l(free Skype to Skype calls) - FREE - [link]
    • Dragon (dictate) -FREE [link] - QuickVoice2text (dictate) [link]   
    • Dictamus (dictate) $9.99  [link]   
    • Organizer (google) - $4.99 [link]   
    • Paper Port notes (note taking app for iPAD) - [link]
    • DocsToGo (Word, Excel, ppt) - $14.99 [link]   
    • Ibooks (reader etc)- FREE  [link]   
    • TED (free lectures) [link]  
    • Teamviewer - FREE (Remote access to your PC) [link]  
    • Memo Medical Notebook by Medicon Apps $.99 [link]
    • Medicare Eligibility - FREE - [link]
    • Doximity (professional networking) by Doximity - FREE - [link]
    • Magellan Road Mate (GPS) by Magellan - $59.99 [link]


    1. Is there an app for therapists to take notes while in session? Does that exist?

      1. Yes, you can use PracticePro Therapy, which is an application that works on the iPhone, iPAD, Mac, and Windows. Complete practice management solution. You can find it at or call 800-387-3262

    2. Great question! Will let you know when I come across one. I suspect this could work with an Ipad.

    3. There are many apps that can record voice as well allow to type notes on same page... For instance whitenote. Will that suit your session needs?

    4. I'll look into that one. Thanks for the tip.

    5. "My Mood Map" is an iphone app for individuals to see how their moods vary by time and place. Researchers can use it to study groups. Please let me know if you'd like more information.

    6. Would love to see a comparable Android OS list!

    7. Re: Android list - I will discuss it with my colleague.

      Re: Mood Map - I've added the app to the list. Thanks.

    8. Noterize is a pretty nifty (and free) iPad app for note taking. You can import pdf format documents and write on top of them.

      Also, I have recently been using an app called School Psychology Tools. It has some tools like an age calculator and normative score converter like the PAR tools app has. But I use it mostly for client/student organization. I have found it very helpful in the month or so that I've been using it.

    9. Hi Sean - I just looked at the demo video. Seems pretty cool and I'll add it to the list. Thank you. I'll also look into the School Psych. Tools.

    10. I wonder why iCouch CBT wasn't included. It's the highest rated CBT app on the App Store. Seems like a biased list given that the iCouch app is the first result on the US store when searching "CBT."

    11. I should probably try to develop this myself, but how about an app that allows researchers to test materials? We frequently use ePrime/MATLAB/etc. to code experiments, but when reaction time is not important, using an ipad to, say, collect post-scan memory judgments on a list of words previously displayed in an fMRI experiment would be pretty awesome. It would make testing very portable, and i could see many applications for clinical researchers, who rely on laptops for home testing. Any ideas?

    12. Hi there, I would love to see e-prime on an ipad. We are some ways away though. iPad's computing power could probably allow you to have decent reaction times. As clinicians we often use timers for clinical purposes, so why not for research. I've been working with a programmer here to create a emotion recognition app (with no timed response). I suspect many others will develop the apps in the future. If you do create one - I be the first who would one to review it! good luck.

    13. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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    14. A potential tool for neuropsychologist:
      It is not listed here, but does anyone has experience with it?
      Any feedback would be appreciated.

    15. wow - thank you! I like it. I'll do a pilot with my patients.


    16. Hi Forum - what a fantastic resource - thank you to the creators/collators! I am the Founder of Recovery Record - a mobile app that re-invents pen-and-paper therapy homework for people living with an eating disorder (Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder, Over Eating Disorder, Compulsive Eating Disorder). In less than 2 months we have 7,000 users, 300 Clinicians using the service (we provide a summary of aggregated client data to Clinicians) and over 300 five star ratings. We think we're doing something right. It would be great to see us featured here, if you believe we make the cut! Check it out and feel free to contact me with your thoughts -


    17. Great resource. Thanks. Couple of things I can add to the list:
      SquareUp (Credit card app for smart phones - best around for therapists)
      CBT4CBT (Computer Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
      DSM-IV Codes
      Dropbox (Syncs info between multiple computers and smart phones, may be HIPAA compliant) (I read that Carbonite and Mozy claim to be HIPAA compliant, but Dropbox does not)

    18. I'm attending the California Psychological Association Convention in Monterey, listening to a presentation, "There's a Clinical App for That". The presenters, Drs. Drew Erhardt and Edeick Dorian, just gave you and the blog a shout-out.

      As an Android use, my faves for practice include:
      - Dropbox
      - Wuala for secure cloud storage
      - Squareup
      - Evernote
      - Hushdroid for encrypted email via Hushmail

      For Clients:
      - Astrid for task organization & reminders
      - Time2Breathe for diaphragmatic breathing

      Using apps as a part of treatment is still fairly new for me, I'm much more familiar with free and easily accessible resources, mostly for anxiety and adult ADHD. Lists are available on my website,

      FYI, there's a series of excellent articles on employing the digital world in psychotherapy, including some of the ethical issues, in a recent issue (42) of Professional Psychology: Research & Practice.

      Thanks & keep up the good work!

      Dr. Laura

    19. With assistance of applications of this applications, students and teachers alike will be able to learn interactively.

    20. Great blog! Thanks for this resource.

      Here's a new app for the list. Nicholas Wiarda and I just released the Psychotherapy Outcome Management System (TOMS) as an iPad/iPhone app on the Apple Store. I'm a clinical psychologist and software developer, and Nick is a doctoral student who has made some valuable connections with Dr. Scott Miller at the International Center for Clinical Excellence. The TOMS allows clinicians to administer the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) to clients on a session-by-session basis and provides a nice record of treatment progress. See for more information.

    21. Interesting that the Rorschach images app is on here. Those images are protected and should not be distributed to the general public to protect test security.

    22. Hi Mike - There was a long discussion about this on several listservs. The images have been online for some time and several people tried to have them removed for copyright reasons. Apparently they are no longer any copyright on them. If you find information regarding copyright that I can use, I can petition to remove the app from the app store.

      Mark: Thanks for your post. We will take a look at it in the fall when we return to blogging.

    23. Did some more research, while the Rorschach is no longer copyright protected, the common wisdom is that if a psychologist distributes these then that person is likely violating the APA Ethics Code instruction to "make reasonable efforts to maintain the integrity and security of test materials."

    24. It would be amazing if there was an application that allowed you to securely and safely store basic client information and that would allow for all text messages from clients to be filtered through said application, aside from your general phone's mailboxes. Additionally, it would be helpful to set your business hours so that text messages would only be received during those particular hours and would produce an automatic response/message back to the client indicating that text messages when in crisis outside of those particular hours require client to wait for general business hours and/or to contact emergency response services. This seems to be possible with regards to voicemails and emails yet I have not found specific filter settings for text messages. Perhaps there is something out there like this already?

    25. Hi Forum - what a fantastic resource - thank you to the creators/collators! I am the Founder of Recovery Record - a mobile app that re-invents pen-and-paper therapy homework for people living with an eating disorder (Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating Disorder, Over Eating Disorder, Compulsive Eating Disorder). In less than 2 months we have 7,000 users, 300 Clinicians using the service (we provide a summary of aggregated client data to Clinicians) and over 300 five star ratings. We think we're doing something right. It would be great to see us featured here, if you believe we make the cut! Check it out and feel free to contact me with your thoughts -
      dui defense strategies

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    27. I use NovoPsych, a psychometrics app for iPad. take a look at or

    28. There's also an app called "DBT" that allows you to do a full DBT diary card - it's great!

    29. There's also an app called "DBT" that allows you to do a full DBT diary card - it's great!

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    36. Dr. Roy,

      Do you know of any apps that deal with the relationship between exercise and neuroscience/mental health?

    37. Are there any apps that deal with the relationship between exercise and mental health on the market?