Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need a referral?

I just downloaded Psych Help a free iPhone app designed to help you find a therapist near you. I think it can use a few touch ups, but I'm still impressed it could find several psychologists near me. I hope the next version will include more fields including neuropsychology, and rehabilitation psychology. Psychology boards could certainly use this to help clients find a psychologist suited for them.  Micheael Quach also just released DSM-IV Codes. It's free and the disorders can be ordered alphabetically or by codes, making it easy to find the code you need.


  1. The App store says the DSM-IV is not available in the United States. Too bad. The one that is, is over $40.00.

  2. Hi Joanee, I think the application was recently removed. I suspect it's due to copyright infringement. Like you said, too bad. I'll post updates if I see a cheaper DSM alternative.