Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Android apps for psychologists?

After posting iphone apps for psychologists, I was asked by several psychologists if the same apps can be found on android phones. Here is a search link for psychology for the Android database [link]. Please share your cool app below...


  1. This app isn't for psychologists (although if they are very busy and get 'buried' under their work and other responsibilities, it may be useful). It's called PEAT, the Planning and Execution Assistant and Trainer. It does what NO OTHER planner does; it actually plans. Right now it's being set up for the Android platform and it is just amazing. Let's say you have two fixed appts., one in the morning and one in the afternoon and there's 3 hours between the end of the first and the beginning of the second. So you have a two hour thing you want to do and you put in after the first appt. Now let's say your first appt. runs over an 90 minutes: now you don't have time for that middle task. For a person with a TBI, that could derail their whole day. But PEAT will simply move the middle task after the second appt., saving the day! It has many other features: e.g., you can break down a task, let's say a work task, into smaller parts and write a script for it; PEAT will guide you through the whole task. There is SO much more to PEAT; you can read more at www.brainaid.com.

    John Hatten, CRC, MSEd., MRC
    Traumatic Brain Injury Personal/Cognitive/Vocational Counselor
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  2. Thanks John. I'm glad people are exploring apps in the android world.

  3. Sylvan, it really is quite amazing.

  4. Sylvan, it really is quite amazing.

  5. Kind of late based on the original date of this post, but my app is called Mood Sentry. I just released it on the Android Market. There's a free trial, good for 30 days. www.moodsentry.com

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