Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blackberry apps : A torrent coming?

I just began taking a look at Blackberry apps for psychologists.Though Apple still has the upper hand in terms of available apps, Blackberry developers appear to be very busy. Here is a link to their app store [link]. If you use Blackberry, is there an app you can't live without? Considering there may be up to 93,000 practicing psychologists, and up to 170,000 positions held by psychologists in the US [1] alone, 15,000 practicing psychologists in Canada: [2], and a lot more psychologists worldwide. This represents a huge marketplace for Blackberry. The question now is, will they take the lead in fulfilling the technological needs of our professions or will they let Apple's iOS and Google's Android take it all?


  1. I'm a psychologist working with someone with a brain injury who has problems with his executive functioning and prospective memory, and he has a Blackberry. I have an iPhone so don't know much about Blackberrys. Can anyone tell me if there is an app that could help him to plan and initiate? Thanks.

  2. Hi - thanks for posting. Unfortunately I don't work with Blackberry yet and can't recommend anything yet. I'll post something here if I can get a reviewer for the environment.

  3. That's fantastic - thanks so much. This is a great site.