Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iCBT Iphone app review coming!

Ever wish you could motivate your clients to work on their difficulties outside the office? I have just downloaded a copy of iCBT, an app based on Dr. David Burns's work, Feeling good handbook, and will be providing a review soon. According to the developer of this application, Bonnie Rind the idea is to 1) express an upsetting event, and the negative thoughts and emotions around that event.  2) Consider if you are being fair and reasonable to yourself and others with these thoughts. Using the common cognitive distortions, reconsider how you talk to yourself and how you look at the event.  3) Rephrase your thoughts avoiding any distortions.  4) Consider your emotions when you are more fair and respectful to yourself.  Have others tried this application? 


  1. I am very interested in your thoughts on this app. It sounds like it may be helpful.

  2. I've been away for some time. The review will be coming in the next week or so. THanks for waiting.

  3. cant wait for Android App