Saturday, May 21, 2011

Need help getting your life back on track?

II recently downloaded a copy of MoodKit, a new Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) application for iPhone. It includes several tools that are cleverly designed to help individuals get the most out of their life.

What I find unique about this application, is its ability to get people to "commit" to tasks or activities that are problem areas. For example, if bad eating habits are problematic, the app provides suggestions or attainable goals, which the person can commit to.

In my opinion, the application will profoundly change how people interact with their iPhone. The person, not some third party, ultimately decides the level of energy and engagement that will be invested in the process of change. Autonomy is an important ingredient in motivation, the desire to change, and the ability to follow through with the therapeutic exercises.

In my next blog post on the MoodKit application, I will discuss the remaining tools including the "Thought Checker", used for cognitive restructuring, the "Mood Tracker" that can track mood over time, and the "Journal" which allows users to make open-ended journal entries.

For more information visit Dr. Dorian & Dr. Erhardt's [website]
To purchase the iPhone application [click here]

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