Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stress Free with Dr. Elaine Smith

Feel like you need to unwind? Download your free copy of Stress Free with Dr. Elaine Smith! Her app uses psychological approches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and it's packed with useful information about anxiety. It also contains HD videos (Ocean shore & fireplace) to guide mindfulness exercises, which in my opinion, are what makes this application unique. The iPhone app itself is at first a little hard to navigate, and the sound will only work with earphones. The iPad version allows sound over the internal speakers, and the bigger screen makes scrolling easier. Overall, the app is appropriate for clients who can learn CBT and Mindfulness based techniques [About mindfulness]. 

When you first use the application you are brought to the home page, which provides an introduction to the app and a list of activities. Still your mind takes the user on a short adventure with a  short and calming video of the ocean intertwined with classical music.  It instructs the user on mindfulness practices. Take a break is a short calming video of a fire place that gives users the ability to take a time-out during the day. Reframe your thoughts contains educational materials that helps people reframe their thoughts. Finally, my favorite, the Relaxation Response is a neat relaxing tool that I will simply let you discover on your own.

To download the iPhone app [click here]
To download the iPad version [click here]
To visit her website [click here]
To see her LinkedIn profile [click here]

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  1. Still your mind takes the user on a short adventure with a short and calming video of the ocean intertwined with classical music. It instructs the user on mindfulness practices. technology and learning