Saturday, August 25, 2012

iOS app review: The therapy Outcome Management System

I recently discovered a cleverly designed iOS app designed to assess therapy outcome. The app is easy to use, secure and useful for monitoring a client's progress during therapy.

TOMS contains the Outcome Ratings Scale (Miller & Duncan, 2000), which looks at the client's well-being (overall, personal, family, and social) and the Session Rating Scale (Johnson, Miller & Duncan, 2000), which quickly evaluates patients' experience during a session (e.g., quality of the relationship, client-therapist fit, etc.).

The app is password protected and adequately organizes your client files. Client profiles are easily added, the questionaire are quickly administered, the rating scales are easy to navigate, and a graph allows you to see progress over time. An email feature is provided if you wish to export the data.

For more information visit the TOMS web site [here]
Download the app from the US App store [here] for $14.99

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