Thursday, May 26, 2011

PsycExplorer: The app that brings you the latest news, blogs, videos, podcasts and tweets in psychology

I have recently began to read news articles and blogs, watch videos, and at times, follow "tweets" using my copy of PsycExplorer, an iPhone application designed to help you stay connected to the world of psychology. The app's content is highly informative, and its design makes browsing fun and easy. 

I must admit that what impressed me the most about the application is Dr. Britt's relentless efforts in keeping the contents of the application relevant and up to date. He relies on numerous sources of information such as the New York Times Health and CBS News Health. In addition, the videos are carefully selected, which means that users don't have to look too far to find good content.

I highly recommend this application. It is great for students and professionals who want to stay informed about psychology.

You can download a copy the iPhone application [here]
You can download a copy of the iPad version [here]
For more information, you can visit Dr. Michael Britt's website [here] 

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