Sunday, June 15, 2014

App Review: Finally a free and safe way for telemental health practice

Telemental health practice is getting more and more recognition every day.  Studies are proving it's efficacy, more so if using video feed.  Although many practitioners want to get on the bandwagon, most don't know about legislations and regulations present in the United-States or in Canada.  The most comprehensive and complete legislation being the USA standards of HIPAA.   Being HIPAA compliant means having a program that is safe, secure and that has an audit trail.

Most practitioners and patients think that the popular videoconferencing platform, Skype, is safe, but in reality, Skype is not HIPAA compliant. I would recommend to you: VSee.
A free videoconferencing platform that is HIPAA compliant.  It also has many other advantages.  You can videoconference with many others at the same time, you can share windows and applications, you can transfer documents and it will work with low bandwidth, which means less drop calls and more reliable connection with your patients.

VSee works on Mac, PC, IPhone, IPad and now on Android phone and tablet.  This app changed my practice, give it a try, knowing that this is a safe way to practice telemental health.

For more information visit the VSee website [here]

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