Saturday, December 31, 2011

iOS app review: iCouch CBT

Some time ago, I was asked to look into a new CBT app called iCouch CBT. I was immediately seduced by the graphical interface and the ability to password protect sensitive information. To my knowledge, this is the first psychology app that offers a feature to protect a client's right to privacy.  The app also provides an overview of CBT, which is useful for clients who want to understand the philosophy behind the technique. The interface is free of clutter and a home button makes it easy to return to the home page.

When the person using the app is faced with an anxiety provoking situation, he or she can document the event by clicking on "what happened". This person will then be asked to describe his or her negative thought and rate the felt emotion(s). The next step involves describing the cognitive distortion(s) (e.g. mental filter, should-be statements, blaming etc.), and input "a better thought" and a more adaptive behaviour.  The client is then prompted to reassess his or her thoughts and feelings. Another wonderful feature of the app is its ability to save and email logs. This can provide valuable information to the therapist who can track the number of incidences and their intensities over time.

Have you tried this app in your practice? What are your thoughts?
You can download the app here for $1.99 [link]

Sylvain Roy, Ph.D.


  1. As the lead developer of iCouch CBT, I really appreciate your thoughtful review. We're currently working on version 2 which will be a universal app with features optimized for both the iPad and iPhone/iTouch devices. We are also incorporating a few enhancements based on user feedback that should make the user interface both more beautiful and intuitive. We just received a heartwarming and sobering review of iCouch CBT on the US App Store that your readers might find moving (the actual test of the review is in the last two paragraphs):

  2. Thanks for your hard work! looking forward to your update.

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